Celebrating the Christ
(Excited about Jesus who is the Christ)
February 17 – April 4, 2021
Lent Season Assignment

This lent season is very different from what we have experienced in past years. This  pandemic that has shaken the planet. 2020 has given us a strong foundation for  wanting to get even closer to the Christ. Jesus our beloved and unmatched Savior  is Christ to us. The title Christ identifies Him as, “the Anointed, the Messiah and the  Preeminent in all creation.” 

This lent season should be the most sacred ever, because of where we are as a  people. We have lost love ones to this pandemic, our country has been corrupt with  evil forces and hope for some is becoming a flickering flame. If there ever was a  time for us to be excited about the Christ it’s now.  

Vaccines are good, and medical advances are wonderful but our real joy and  excitement should be and should always remain in the “Christ.” Jesus Christ the  lover of our souls, the protector and provider of our souls. For this lent season I  have a few practical things I want you to do. There will be no lent services as we  have done for the past years but we will gather virtually each Wednesday for the  study of God’s WORD and I want you to make the commitment, during this lent  season. 

Expectations for Lent 

During this lent season we will take time to read and study the miracles of  the Christ; 

1st Week (February 17 – 20) Jesus Cleanses a Leper … Matt 8:1–4  Jesus heals a Centurion’s Servant ….. Matt 8:5-13 

 Jesus heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law …. Matt 8:14-15 

2nd Week (February 21 – 27) Jesus Calms the storm ….. Matt 8:23-27 Jesus heals two Men who Demon Possessed …Matt 8:28-34 

Jesus heals Paralytic ….. Matt 9:1-8

Jesus does two miracles ……Matt 9:18-26 

3rd Week (February 28 – March 6) Jesus heals two Blind Men.. Matt 9:27-31 Jesus heals a mute man ….. Matt 9:32-35 

Jesus heals a man with a withered hand ….. Matt 12:9-14 

Jesus feed a multitude of five thousand ….. Matt 14:13-21 

Jesus walks on the water ……… Matt 14:22-33 

Jesus heals a woman’s daughter ……. Matt 15:21-28 

Jesus heals people with different infirmities ….. Matt 15:29-31 

4th Week (March 7 – 13) Jesus feeds a four thousand ….Matt 15:32-39 Jesus transfigured on the Mountain ……. Matt 17:1-13 

Jesus heals a boy …….. Matt 17:14-21 

Jesus curses the fig tree …….. Matt 21:18-22 

Jesus cast out an unclean spirit ……. Mark 1:21-28 

Jesus heals after the Sabbath sunset ……. Mark 1:32-34 

Jesus heals a Leper ….. Mark 1:40-45 

5th Week (March 14 – 20) Jesus Heals a Paralytic ……. Mark 2:1-12 Jesus heals on the Sabbath ……….. (Mark 3:1-6) 

 Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Man ……. (Mark 5:1-20) 

 Jesus heals a woman and restores a girl’s life …… (Mark 5:21-43) Jesus heals a deaf mute ………… (Mark 7:31-370 

 Jesus heals at the pool of Bethsaida ………. (Mark 8:22-26) 

Jesus heals Bartimaeus …………. (Mark 10:46-52) 

 Jesus and the fig trees ………… (Mark 11:12-19, 20-24) 

6th Week (March 21 -27) The birth of John the Baptist …… (Luke 1:5-38) The birth of Jesus …… (Luke 1:39-45, 2:1-7) 

Jesus cast out an unclean spirit …….. (Luke 4:31-370 

 Jesus heals a centurion’s servant ……….. (Luke 7:1-10) 

Jesus restores life to a Widow’s son ……….. (Luke 7:11-17) 

Jesus heals Ten Lepers ………. (Luke 17:11-19) 

Jesus turns water into wine …… (John 2:1-12) 

7th Week (March 28 – April 3) Jesus heals sick son (John 4:46-54) Jesus heals at the pool (John 5:1-15)

 Jesus walks on the Sea (John 6:15-21) 

 Jesus heals a man born blind (John 9:1-12) 

 Jesus raises Lazarus (John 11:1-16, 38-44) 

 Jesus Triumphal Entry (Mark 11:1-11) 

 Jesus faces the end of earthly ministry (Mark 14, 15, 16) 

Plot to Kill Jesus and His journey to Calvary (Matthew 26, 27, 28) 

Commit to a sacrificial Resurrection Offering of $46.00 ($1.00 representing  the 46 days of lent from 2/17 – 4/3) celebrating the Christ as we strive  together to support ministry financially. This pandemic has created  financial hardships for our church. We need for every person to do  something.  

Attend the (Wednesday in the Word Bible study) each Wednesday during  lent 

I am convinced when we deliberately get close to God in reading the bible, fasting, praying and giving to help sustain our church, He will spiritually reward. Join us this  season of Lent, it will bless your life tremendously. 

Bishop J.L. Carter 

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