Five Disciplines for 2021

  1. Commit to reading a minimum of one chapter a day, out of the Bible for understanding and life application.
      • You can start with any book of the Bible
      • If you do not have a starting place, you can start with the first book of the bible Genesis or you can start with the book of Psalm. Where you start is not a problem but it’s very important you start somewhere and commit to reading a minimum of one chapter a day.
      • Make certain you read from a translation that is comfortable for you to understand. I recommend the following translations (New King James Version, Revised Standard Version, New International Version, Amplified Bible) if you are uncomfortable in selecting a version you can email me at for help.

2. Commit to fasting every Thursday for the purpose of getting closer to God in spirit, in thought, in behavior and to receive His phenomenal blessings. Fasting is the turning away from daily responsibilities, daily behavior patterns and deliberately getting in the face and presence of God.

      • You decide the time for fasting on Thursday. It can range from Wednesday midnight to Thursday midnight, Wednesday midnight to 12 noon, from 12 noon to Thursday midnight or something shorter, you decide.
      • You decided what you will eliminated from your diet. Some will go without eating anything only consuming water. Some will only consumed vegetables, fruits and drink water. You decide what is good for you. If you need help email me. Everyone can do something!


3. Commit to giving your best in keeping the our Church strong

      • Support the virtual service on Sunday @ 10:00a.m. 
      • Mentally view it as something more than getting on your device to past away the time, but view it as your, going to church to hear a WORD from the Lord. This is the time you worship God in spirit and truth.
      • Physically where you view the service, on your device, in your private space, as much as possible, that space should be transformed into a Holy space free of secular interruptions. You are anticipating a life changing WORD and your space should be free of secular interruptions for the duration of the entire worship experience. This is an absolute must for virtual worship.
          • The same is true for; 
          • Tuesday Night, Men’s Bible study @7:00pm
          • Wednesday Noon, Wednesday Recharge @ 12:00pm
          • Wednesday Night, Wednesday in the WORD @ 7:00pm
          • Thursday Night, Life’s Café (Young Adults) @ 7:00pm


4. Check on members of our Church. It is very important that we stay connected as a church family. We are each others keepers.

5. Commit to consistent financial support of our Church in the following areas;

      • The generous giving of Tithes and Offerings
      • Support of Faith Forward
      • Bishop’s Love gift

Without your financial support the church cannot exist. This year we need your commitment to give your best for the kingdom. The church must remain strong in its mission to Create Committed Christians, through evangelism, Christian education, missions and more.

I am asking each person, connected to our church, to commit to these 5 disciples for 2021.  

Bishop J.L. Carter

Prayer Call

We have a Live Prayer and Meditative Word every morning at 6:30a.m. to 7:00a.m.