Faith Forward Still Determined

Faith Forward
(Sacrificial Giving to Sustain Ministry)
And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing you will receive.
(Matthew 21:22 NKJV)

The purpose of our Faith Forward is to give financial support to Church, Children and Community.    

The mission of our church is to promote the gospel message and to serve people without prejudices and limitations. Over the years we have purposely strive to:

  • Encourage persons and families in times of human distress
  • Counsel persons and families in need of hope and help
  • Consistently serve the community through quality food and clothes distributions monthly and sometimes more frequently
  • Demonstrate love and compassion to the community and beyond through community cook outs, health fairs, and more
  • Mentor young boys at Cecil Elementary School
  • Help and assist members of Ark Church in their time of need with Baltimore Gas and Electric(BGE), rent, mortgage, critical needs and more
  • Give to churches in need, Historical Black Colleges and University, Missions, non-profits committed to enhancing the quality of life for the indigent and support missionaries on the mission fields and more.  

Our Church can never be weak or struggling financially. When the church is weak the life line for eternal life or abundant life is hindered and thwarted. The church should always project hope, certainty, strength and victory rather than defeat. Our church should always be free to address every human concern through the WORD of God in real time. We are responsible for providing the resources needed for effective ministry. A healthy church is a church that is strong spiritually and financially.    

The Children of our church and the ones who live in our neighborhood, are our responsibility. We are charged to equip them for the present and the future. Not being intentional about our youth is a great travesty to the kingdom. There is nothing more important and critical in the advancement of the kingdom than children. 

We have lost too many of our children to the world of darkness, spiritual deception, witchery, immorality, spiritual disobedience and more. It’s not too late to save and reclaim our children. There are children who have left our churches because our commitment to them was not strong and genuine. There are children who are looking for a way out of the strongholds of sin and damnation. We cannot ignore them nor act as if it’s going to get better without a sincere commitment to children.

Whatever exists beyond the walls of our church is Community. We have extended and expanded our borders to include those who live on other continents. Our community is inclusive of those who live; across the street, around the corner, across the city, in the next state over, in the Caribbean, South America, Europe and other distant places. 

Our efforts to care for the down trodden, the hopeless, the indigent, those who are the least, the last and the left out, is our Christian obligation. We are blessed to be a blessing. Christ’s mission was not to those who had it together and needed no help but He traveled the road less traveled to help those in genuine need. Our church over the years has committed itself to serving those in need both near and far. The church in this generation should represents hope and encouragement to those who feel forgotten and forsaken. Serving people beyond our church walls is foundational to the ministry of Jesus Christ. Like the Macedonian Church, “in our afflictions and deep poverty, our joy to give to others abound greatly in the spirit of liberality”.(2Cor.8:1-2)

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Faith Forward
Contribution Page

Your generous and sacrificial contribution to our Faith Forward Campaign will allow us to:

  • Grow stronger as a Church
  • Support young people at every level of the journey to adulthood
  • Care for the community both near and far

Your help is very important to enhancing the Kingdom here on earth. 

Blessings Always

Your contribution to Faith Forward Campaign can be received through Cash App


Or you may mail your contribution to: Ark Church, 1263 E. North Ave., Baltimore, MD 21202

Prayer Call

We have a Live Prayer and Meditative Word every morning at 6:30a.m. to 7:00a.m.